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Reemo is Your IT Partner

Why hire expensive consultants or use nearshore companies if you can build your own remote software team?

Protect your business from getting overcharged, spent money on overhead while staying in control. Trust us, working with your own people feels much better.


Our Partners

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Work with Reemo if you want IT projects to finish on time

With our years of experience in different IT-teams and IT-projects we know that almost every project runs out of scope. Therefore we set realistic timelines with our clients and won't get fooled by optimism.


Work with Reemo if you want to scale up your development team

Waiting for vacancies to fill or recruiters to do their thing takes ages. With Reemo you can scale up, and down, as you please. With this amazing flexibility you are always one step ahead of the competition.


Work with Reemo if you want to save on development costs

Why let only your competitors use the wold's different timezones and economies to save on IT spend? Small or big, you can make use of this and still make sure people are fairly paid, by having Reemo as your partner.

Empowering Businesses with Innovative Software Solutions

At Reemo, we are on a mission to develop high-quality software solutions for our clients worldwide. With our global team of talented developers, we help businesses save on development costs while delivering exceptional results in financial, engineering, health care, energy, real estate and cyber security industries. Every day again.

''Working with Reemo helped us tremendously. We had only little time to build a senior development team because our largest competitor kept on expanding. Reemo was quick and to the point and within a month we had a fully skilled team.'' - Rik Verstegen
"We had to make a choice: work with a nearshore company or build our own team. Reemo was cheaper, faster and we prefer to be in control of 'our' team in stead of hiring developers from other companies. Best choice ever." - Jim Oostburg
“We did not want to switch our whole development department abroad at once. Reemo understood this and together we worked out a plan to go step by step. This way we got used to working internationally on our own pace.” - Joost Schelling
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