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We made a selection of the most common questions our clients have or had before working with Reemo. If your question is not here or the answer is not clear, press the button below.

How does Reemo find the right people for us?

Reemo will match the people from her talentpool only after a personal conversation with the client. In this conversation subjects like the project, the culture and the way of working will be covered. With broad experience in recruitment, staffing of IT teams and working inside those teams, the right selection will be made before offering to the client.

Working remotely is just fine, but what if we want to meet in person?

We understand that sometimes meeting in person can enhance the relationship. In some cases the start of the project needs to be done in person, after which a period of remote collaboration follows. Reemo will help out in all instances, for example by finding a hotel, setting up the meeting and making sure the onboarding goes smoothly. Also, we have a network of partners that help with relocation to the Netherlands.

What are the most popular communicationtools for working remotely?

Thanks to all modern technologies, working together at a large distance has never been easier. Whether one is in Groningen and the other in Maastricht, or a lot further away: modern-day team objectives do not care about distance. The most common communication tools are Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and WhatsApp. Basically the same tools you probably already use!

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. At Reemo, we work transparently and communicate early in the process what the rates will be. Of course, these may change after a certain period of time due to achievements, or a mistake can be made. Fortunately, we are all human and we always sort it out. The rates are all-in rates so there are no additional charges.

What if it doesn't work for us?

It is possible that your organization is not ready for 'working Reemo' because things are not done in English. It may also be that your organization is structured in such a way that it never will be. Unforunate, but not hte end of the world. There is a notice period in every agreement and, in addition, we work with a familiarisation-period as long as possible (usually 4-8 weeks).

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