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We Welcome our Developers

At Reemo we want people to be able to work freely, remotely and with confidence to decide how to run a project. We support our people on all these matters and make sure the working environment is not a burden but a pleasure. Because why spend hours each day on commuting when this energy could be used to deliver the best results? 

Our Stack...


... and More

Our Story

Sometimes at Reemo, we are more like a pack of dogs. But like in the dog-world, everyone is different. We just have one thing in common: we love to build software.


We have a lot to choose from. Start-ups, scale-ups and larger companies. Greenfeeld projects from scratch or stepping into a riding train, all kinds of projects come by. The most important factor: they are all remote and we work with a diverse team to manage the project. Because we believe that everybody should be put in their strength.

Our clients are highly professional and expect the best results. Since we operate internationally English is the main language we use to communicate. Besides good communication skills we expect the following:

You are a code-wizzard and do more than the minimum

You communicate clearly about timelines and expectations

You are punctual and on time

Matchless Excellence

Working With the World's Leading Partners

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